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Kabir Barday’s career journey illustrates the power of innovation in privacy. As the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of OneTrust, he has transformed the landscape of privacy automation. He holds a Fellow of Information Privacy with the

When most people think “cookies,” data privacy is probably the furthest thing from their mind. But anyone who understands data privacy knows that cookies are anything but sweet treats. Cookies can present a bit of a chore, especially considering what they mean for a company’s online presence.

When it comes to data privacy, cookies can

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Charlotte Baker is the CEO and Co-founder of Digital Hands, a leading cybersecurity services provider. Under Charlotte’s leadership, Digital Hands has won numerous industry awards, with the most recent in 2023, which includes “Most Innovative MSSP”

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Gretchen Herault is Chief Privacy Officer at Randstad USA and the global job board She has held several privacy leadership roles, including Chief Privacy Officer at Haven Healthcare, HIPAA Privacy Officer at GE Healthcare, and

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Michael Moore is the Chief Privacy Officer at Lacework, handling privacy and cybersecurity, product counseling, transactions, intellectual property strategy, and open-source software. He holds the IAPP privacy qualifications of CIPP-US, CIPP-E, CIPP-C, CIPM, and CIPT. Michael

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Richy Glassberg is the CEO and Co-founder of SafeGuard Privacy, a company established in 2019 to help businesses manage privacy compliance with effectiveness and efficiency. He is a digital media veteran with more than 25 years

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Bryson Bort is the CEO and Founder of SCYTHE, a threat emulation platform. He is Co-founder of GRIMM, a cybersecurity consultancy and ICS Village, a 501c3 for industrial control security systems. He is recognized as a

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Svetlana Braunscheidel is the General Counsel and VP of Operations at PNG Cyber, a forensic investigations and remediation business. In her role, she deals in digital forensics, incident response, threat actor communications, and cyber risk compliance