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“It was horrible,” said the woman.One minute she could see a sanitation worker struggling to climb out of the refuse barrel of a city garbage truck. The next minute mechanical forces pulled him back into the cavernous opening. It looked to her as though the man’s raincoat had snagged on the vehicle, foiling his escape

Employers are taking advantage of a gap in Nebraska case law to coerce injury employees into coercive light duty assignments

As temperatures and wind-chills plummeted, the familiar sounds of holiday bells rung out over parts of Lincoln.

But the tradition of holiday bell ringing to solicit donations for the Salvation Army has been marred by

Recent Nebraska case law may force pregnant workers to chose between filing a discrimination or workers’ compensation case for pregnancy-related injuries.

Paid maternity leave is nearly a luxury in the United States – particularly for lower-wage hourly workers in the service industry. But pregnant workers in Nebraska have some protections in the way of anti-discrimination

Summary: Nebraska would take a step in right direction in protecting vulnerable retail and fast food workers by providing some baseline workers compensation coverage for all workers for purely mental injuries. Louisiana is one model Nebraska could use.

Convenience store clerks and fast food workers are routinely victimized in armed robberies. But depending on where