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Survivor’s guilt is a real emotion. Those of you who have lost someone special will understand. Diane and I have both experienced the death of a spouse. If you haven’t I sincerely hope you never do. If you have, don’t close yourself off to living. Expect, however, to wonder occasionally at the randomness of fate.

Generative AI, in the Chat GPT version, cannot duplicate the human emotion and diction contained in poetry. It confuses rhyme and doggerel with poetry’s communication of intended meaning. There is something in well crafted poetry that seems to still be beyond the capability of our super intelligent computers. Like Data, in the Star Trek series,

Even after six years. Even after I have found love again with a wonderful woman. I still feel the sentiments of this poem, and want to share it with others who have, or are, experiencing loss. I am happier than I have ever been. But I remember when I wasn’t. I am ready to write

One of the most beautiful of the parrot species, the Palm Cockatoo from Australia is the largest cockatoo, and is all black with pink cheeks. The Palm combines beauty with the calm demeanor of the Cockatoo species, and the loud shrieking that Cockatoo owners love, and some others hate. Pinot, my Umbrella Cockatoo, is all

She was a Dandelion in a field of flowers.
She stood out in the crowd,
Yellow as the sun
Brighter than the moon.
She fluttered in the breeze.
He was her protector
Guarding the field against the grass killers
and wielders of knives and garden shears.
Her fragility required his constant vigilance.
He would stand