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Attorney’s Right to Petition
When an attorney represents a client in court, is the attorney’s right to petition involved or the client’s right to petition? That was the issue involved in a case ruled on by the Houston Court of Appeals [14th],  14-20-00691-CV.
Attorneys, Hoover Slovacek, represented a client, Jetall. The representation ended. A few

Two attorneys, the Bakers, prepared a will for a woman, Lucia. When Lucia died, the Bakers filed the will for probate as a muniment of title. The will left everything to a daughter who was the client of the Bakers. The testator’s son and grandson, the Morenos, filed suit against the Bakers alleging fraud.

Notice 20 days
Appeals from both the denial and granting of a Texas Anti-Slapp motion to dismiss require that the notice be filed within twenty days. 02-20-00290-CV.

Under TCPA Section 27.008(b), “[a]n appellate court shall expedite an appeal or other writ, whether interlocutory or not, from a trial court order on a motion to

Lis Pendens and Texas Anti-Slapp
The Amarillo court of appeals dealt with the issue of whether the Texas Citizens Participation Act, Texas Anti-Slapp, applies in the context of a Lis Pendens. Smith v. Arrington, 07-19-00393-CV, (Tex. Civ. App. – Amarillo, Feb. 9, 2021 no pet. h.) (mem. op.).
A brother and sister were fighting over


Nonsuits and the Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA LAW
The general rule is that if a party nonsuits all or part of their claims after a motion to dismiss under the Texas Anti-SLAPP, TCPA law has been filed against them, the nonsuit will not affect the motion to dismiss and the moving party’s right to attorney’s