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On June 24, 2024, the music industry witnessed a dramatic clash between tradition and technology. 

Major record labels Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Warner Records filed lawsuits against AI companies Suno and Udio, accusing them of massive copyright infringement. 

The heart of the matter? 

The AI companies allegedly used the labels’ recordings without permission


It’s important for you to know, trademark scammers are on the rise. They are doing everything from:

  • Phoning trademark applicants with fake USPTO caller IDs, impersonating real USPTO employees and requesting personal and credit card information.
  • Sending fake physical invoices to trademark applicants’ home addresses requesting payment.
  • Sending emails to business

On June 13, 2024, the Supreme Court decided that the Lanham Act’s names clause does not violate the First Amendment.

In their decision, the Supreme Court declined to register the trademark “Trump Too Small,” reinforcing the boundaries of trademark law and free speech. 

This ruling has captured significant attention, particularly among those interested in intellectual

Artificial intelligence in humanoid head with neural network thinks. AI with Digital Brain is learning processing big data, analysis information. Face of cyber mind. Technology background concept.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last week issued inventorship guidance for artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted inventions. 

This is a significant step forward in acknowledging the role

Patents are so important to your success!

As an inventor, there’s nothing more thrilling than having a big corporation take interest in your idea. 

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – validation that your hard work and creativity have paid off. 

But what happens when that relationship turns sour? 

What if the company decides

Let’s talk about patent infringement.

As an innovative business, you and your team have worked smart and hard day and night with amazing results.

Your business is taking off.

You’ve developed a unique, amazing product or process.

No-one else does it better.

Everyone tells you how phenomenal it is.

But it’s not protected.

You’ve been

Why are we talking about Freedom to Operate?

If there’s one thing that every entrepreneur should know: patents are serious matters. 

They protect your intellectual property rights and prevent others from stealing your ideas or profiting from them without your consent. 

However, patent infringement is also a serious matter. 

It can result in costly legal