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By Andy DelaneyI have a lot of things to do today, so you’re going to get an even-more-abbreviated-version-than-usual post this week. Adding to my laziness brevity this week is that this is a conditional use permit and that’s not something I’m particularly conversant in.  Short version: Burton wants to convert a big ol’ building it

By Andy DelaneyHonestly, I expected SCOV to take Friday off this week, due to Independence Day and all. And for all I really know, SCOV did, but two opinions issued on Friday the 5th anyway. First up, we have a decision dealing with the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) and two hospital systems appealing  GMCB’s

By Andy DelaneyThree decisions this past week. First we have a decision about a wastewater permit. Vermont follows a first-in-time approach to wastewater permitting, which means in a practical sense that if a wastewater system encroaches in some way on a neighboring property, it might still be allowed so long as it’s not interfering with

I have no idea if this is accurate but it seems to fitBy Andy DelaneyNo opinions issued on May 17, 2024. On Friday, May 24, SCOV issued two. First, we deal with an appeal from a parental-rights and responsibilities (PR&R) order. The trial court awarded sole legal and physical PR&R to mom, with a parent-child contact

By Andy Delaney“Tales” might be overstating a bit. But we’re going with it. First, SCOV answers the question of whether a CHINS merits adjudication in a juvenile case when the child is returned to the parents’ custody at disposition, without any conditions, presents a live controversy. That sentence was unacceptably lawyerly, but I’m too lazy

By Andy DelaneyDid you expect any different title on this day of all days?Anyway, I’ve been a little busy the past few weeks so we’re going to go quickly here. On April 19, SCOV issued an opinion dealing with concurrent sentences, the sex-offender registry, and triggering dates for reporting periods. Plaintiff was convicted of murder

By Andy DelaneyOther than what’s rubbed off from being a member of planning commissions for the past fifteen years or so, I spend little time in the land-use arena. I note this because both SCOV decisions issued on April 12, 2024, deal with land use and you should keep your expectations low (as regular

As conditions require, so to speakBy Andy DelaneyThis week’s opinions deal with criminal conditions of release and the tort known as negligent infliction of emotional distress. On Thursday, March 21, SCOV issued a published entry order concerning a trial-court decision striking two conditions of release in response to defendant’s request to modify bail. Those conditions