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On Saturday, I had JOMO, FOMO, YOLO, and then finally decided to go solo.
A note of explanation. Lately, I’ve been trying to do a better job of following my own advice. I tell my own clients to make time for things that matter to them (i.e. besides work).
Part of that is making time

Marketing as a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to follow a prescribed set of activities that everyone else is doing.
In fact, engaging in activities that you genuinely enjoy and feel passionate about can be significantly more effective than forcing yourself to participate in ones you feel you “should” do.
I hear clients tell me

On this President’s Day , I wanted to share some thoughts on leadership.
We can learn a lot from Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style  which was characterized by his empathy, humility, and ability to listen to differing opinions. It allowed him to navigate the country through its most perilous period.
Rather than sidelining those who contested his

While success 🥇 doesn’t require authenticity, it sure helps.
If you are fortunate enough to do what you love (something that reflects the authentic you), you will greatly increase your prospect for achieving your career goals 🎯.
If you are a litigator who doesn’t enjoy a good fight or a corporate lawyer who has no

Networking is an essential tool for growing your law practice.
But for many lawyers, networking is right up there with getting root canal or spending time in a Porta Potty.
Attending networking functions can feel uncomfortable. What if you don’t know anyone? What should you talk about? How do you find business leads or job