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As many long-time readers know, my first post to Your IT Consultant went up on May 18, 2014, just a little over nine years ago. No matter how you slice it, that’s a long time to be doing three to four posts a week. In other words, it’s a lot of work.
My intro paragraph

Competition is stiff. The Chrome browser has been at the top of the heap for many years. However, several other browsers have been chipping away at its market share. Users know that Chrome can be a bit of a resource hog. The Brave browser has been around for some time and was one of the

If you have a Gmail account, you may have noticed a message at the top of your Inbox suggesting a way to get a little more protection from phishing attacks. “Turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing to get additional protection against dangerous emails.” BGR has a post describing what Enhanced Safe Browsing is and whether or

It’s no secret that Microsoft is heavily invested in artificial intelligence. Just look at the billions of dollars committed to OpenAI. The latest buzz revolves around the release of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered technology for Office documents as reported in a Verge post. The big buzz is about the cost of Copilot, which isn’t cheap.

It’s been a love hate relationship. Calibri has been the default font for a long time. Some users love it. Some users hate it. As reported by Paul Thurrott, Microsoft has announced a new default font for Microsoft 365 called Aptos. Microsoft’s principal program manager Si Daniels wrote, “For 15 years, our beloved Calibri was

Ransomware revenues dipped in 2022, but that trend appears to be reversed. The Hacker News reported some recently released findings from Chainanalysis. “Ransomware attackers are on pace for their second-biggest year ever, having extorted at least $449.1 million through June. If this pace continues, ransomware attackers will extort $898.6 million from victims in 2023, trailing

Updates are a good thing. Users should apply fixes as soon as possible following release. Apple released the second ever Rapid Security Response to address zero-day flaws that are actively being exploited in the wild. The update was released for the following operating systems:

  • iOS 16.5.1 and iPadOS 16.5.1
  • macOS Ventura 13.4.1
  • macOS Big Sur

Data is gold. Unfortunately, website operators know that too. There is money to be made with the “gold” that is harvested from a user’s activity. There is so much activity that goes on without the user knowing what data may be sent to a third party. Ars Technica reported that Brave is improving its browser