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How Much Can Lawyers Reduce Medical Bills After a Personal Injury? After a personal injury, mounting medical bills can be overwhelming. Many victims wonder, “How much can lawyers reduce medical bills?” The answer may surprise you. Experienced personal injury attorneys can often negotiate significant reductions in medical expenses, providing much-needed financial relief for their clients.

Sometimes we may not notice things, however, noticing a considerable hike in your car insurance rates is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. If you’ve recently received a notice informing you that your car insurance rates have increased, you may be scratching your head, especially if you haven’t been involved in an motor vehicle accident or

Texas Transportation Code 545.0605 prohibits lane splitting and lane filtering by motorcycle riders unless the rider is a police officer.  Specifically, Texas Transportation Code 545.0605 (a)(3)(b&c)  state that a motorcycle rider may not “operate the motorcycle between lanes of traffic moving in the same direction…or pass a motor vehicle while in the same lane as