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As we all know, Immigration law is a complex field, often laden with bureaucratic hurdles and legal intricacies. For the LGBTQ+ community, these challenges can be even more daunting due to unique social, cultural, and legal issues. Despite significant progress in recent years, there are still substantial obstacles and considerations for LGBTQ+ immigrants seeking a

USCIS delays in the processing of immigration applications continue to be a major headache for many immigrants and their families – and for their lawyers, who often have to tell understandably frustrated clients that their application is still pending after months or years of waiting. An action under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) can seek

The Law Office of Matthew I. Hirsch is pleased to announce that its principal, Matthew I. Hirsch, has been invited to serve on the Business Section Steering Committee of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) for 2024-25. This will be Matt’s sixth year on this important national committee, including a successful year in 2020-21 as

In this interview, we gain insight into the career journey of SHG paralegal Maria Cecilia Herrera, a former United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Field Officer, whose path into humanitarian work unfolded unexpectedly yet purposefully. Originating from Ecuador and with law degrees from Ecuador and the United States, Maria shares a candid

We recently interviewed our friend and colleague David Moscow, an American lawyer who has embarked on a remarkable journey of relocating 2500 miles from bucolic Chester County, PA to the dynamic metropolis of Medellin, Colombia, to start a new life there.  In this insightful conversation, David shares his firsthand experiences, challenges, triumphs, (and even where

USCIS is introducing amendments to the H-1B registration selection process, aiming to enhance transparency, fairness, and integrity. This comprehensive rule, codified as part of 8 CFR 214.2(h), introduces a beneficiary-centric selection process, provides flexibility for certain H-1B cap-subject petitions, and implements integrity measures to ensure the authenticity of registrations.
Beneficiary-Centric Selection Process: One of the key

In December 2023, USCIS issued revisions to its Policy Manual which are important for international students in both the F and M nonimmigrant classifications. The revisions consolidate and restate certain existing policies and provides answer to certain questions impacting international students and U.S. educational institutions in such areas as visa eligibility, school transfers, practical training,