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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be a challenging and often misunderstood condition. As a condition that affects how our bodies and brains interpret sensory information, it can present a variety of difficulties for children and their families. In our recent podcast episode, we had the privilege of discussing this complex issue with certified occupational therapist

The parenting journey for parents of special needs children is fraught with unique challenges and uncertainties. One of the significant aspects of navigating this odyssey is the indispensable role that community plays. This concept was the focal point of an emotionally charged conversation between Host Annette Hines and Eric Jorgensen of True North Disability Planning

Knowing where to start with estate and special needs planning can be an intimidating task. However, don’t be daunted, because this episode is your lifeline to understanding and managing this process effectively. Host Annette Hines describes the types of life planning she does for clients — estate planning, guardianships and legal authorities, and advocacy and

Our latest Parenting Impossible Podcast episode takes you on an inspiring journey with Raja Marhaba, Special Education Advocate, Author (UNSTOPPABLE), and Founder of The Jonathan Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities. It’s a monumental David and Goliath journey that showcases a mother’s determination in the face of adversity. Raja’s struggles with a broken