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California recognizes different forms of property co-ownership, the most common and default of which is tenants in common.

California Civil Code 682 recognizes “ownership of property by several persons” in these forms:

(a) Of joint interest.

(b) Of partnership interests.

(c) Of interests in common.

(d) Of community interest of spouses.

This article specifically focuses on tenants in common as the

It’s not uncommon for one co-owner to bear the brunt of property taxes, especially in scenarios where one co-owner resides on the property while others do not. An issue arises when this arrangement leads to a disparity in financial contributions for maintenance and obligations tied to the property.

Implications of Financial Distress

The failure of

A partition attorney plays a pivotal role in navigating the intricacies of ending real property co-ownership relationships, offering legal representation and strategic advice to secure a fair and equitable outcome for their clients. If discussions about managing the jointly owned property are not being taken seriously by your co-owner, retaining a partition attorney equips you

Partition referees in California effectuate the court’s judgment that the property should be partitioned, which usually involves a sale of the property.

List of Partition Referees in California

As the largest partition-only law firm in California, we are regularly asked for recommendations on partition referees in California. Below is a list of California lawyers who