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Okay, maybe you’re not the best lawyer in town. Other lawyers have better skills, more experience, a better track record, deeper pockets, more charisma, and better connections. They look better, smell better, and have a boatload of energy. 

How can you possibly beat them?

By working harder than they do? Maybe. But that gets old. 


Jim Rohn said, “If you want to become more successful, study success.”

How do you do that? By studying successful people. People who have accomplished what you want to accomplish. People who inspire you. People you would like to learn from and emulate. 

Lawyers who have done what you want to do. Entrepreneurs. Business leaders.

On the outside, Shrek was tough and scary. A monster who could slay dragons and vanquish villains. On the inside, he was gentle and kind. 

Your clients want you to be Shrek on the outside, fighting their enemies, protecting them, and being tough. On the inside, where they deal with you, they want you to

Many attorneys do extremely well with social media marketing. It doesn’t work for me, however, because I don’t like and don’t do it. 

I could learn. Force myself. But life is too short to do things we don’t enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy something, you won’t get good results. 

Couldn’t you hire people to

Do you put your website address on your business card, letterhead, or in your email signature (under your name and phone number)? 

If you do, guess what? You’re advertising. 

Okay, let’s call it “soft advertising” but advertising it is. And it is good.

It doesn’t cost you anything; it doesn’t violate any rules, and it doesn’t make

You’re doing okay. Making six-figures or multiple six-figures, but you want to hit seven- or eight-figures (or more). 

You can. And you can get there in less time and with less effort than it took to get where you are now. 

The hard work is at the beginning. 

In the beginning, you had to learn