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Enacted in April, Article 6-A of the Real Property Law has limited applicability right now in New York City. Other towns, cities, villages can opt-in (RPP 213) and when the statute applies, Section 216 provides:”216. Grounds for removal of tenants. 1. No landlord shall remove aTenant from any housing accommodation covered by section two hundredfourteen

A new subsection has been added to Section 202.16 to the Uniform Rules for the Supreme Court and County Court and it is effective immediately. It governs electronic filing in matrimonial actions and in new section 202.16-c, paragraph (8) provides a new requirement:Within 60 days after a judgment of divorce, separation, annulment or declaration that

IN RE ADOPTION OF FLAVIA, Mass: Appeals Court 2023:”In this consolidated appeal, we affirm Juvenile Court decrees
terminating the mother’s and the father’s parental rights to their twin
daughters, Flavia and Helen, but we vacate an order denying postdecree
motions filed by the twins and their older half-brother, Mark (a
pseudonym). The motions cited G.

Jusino v. FEDERATION OF CATHOLIC TEACHERS, INC., 2024 NY Slip Op 50315,  – Sup Ct. Richmond Co, March 25, 2024:”The plaintiff in this action, Ramon K. Jusino (hereinafter
“Plaintiff”), was a high school theology teacher employed by Notre Dame
Academy of Staten Island (hereinafter “NDA”), a Catholic high school. In
this capacity, Plaintiff was a