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IN RE ADOPTION OF FLAVIA, Mass: Appeals Court 2023:”In this consolidated appeal, we affirm Juvenile Court decrees
terminating the mother’s and the father’s parental rights to their twin
daughters, Flavia and Helen, but we vacate an order denying postdecree
motions filed by the twins and their older half-brother, Mark (a
pseudonym). The motions cited G.

Jusino v. FEDERATION OF CATHOLIC TEACHERS, INC., 2024 NY Slip Op 50315,  – Sup Ct. Richmond Co, March 25, 2024:”The plaintiff in this action, Ramon K. Jusino (hereinafter
“Plaintiff”), was a high school theology teacher employed by Notre Dame
Academy of Staten Island (hereinafter “NDA”), a Catholic high school. In
this capacity, Plaintiff was a

NJL v. CAL, 2024 NY Slip Op 50140 – Nassau Co. Sup. Court 2024:”This case presents a sad and unfortunate set of facts. The important fact
central to this application is not in dispute. The parties’ underlying
matrimonial action was commenced on December 7, 2020. After
two-and-a-half years of litigation, which included twelve (12) motions,

Diego Beekman Mutual Housing Association v. Hammond, Date filed: 2024-02-09, Court: Civil Court, Bronx, Judge: Judge Shorab Ibrahim, Case Number: 314834/2022:”This is a non-payment proceeding. It has been on the Part J calendar since early August 2023 and adjourned numerous times. Several adjournments resulted as respondent attempted to find counsel of her own. Finally, on

109th Affordable Housing L.L.C. v. Beck, Date filed: 2024-01-31, Court: Civil Court, New York, Judge: Judge Karen May Bacdayan, Case Number: LT-312349-23/NY:”Can a Nonpayment Proceeding Commenced Pursuant to RPAPL 711 (2) Be Maintained Against a Month-to-Month Tenant as Defined by Real Property Law §232-c?As this court has previously held, the law in the First Judicial

 Allen v. Allen, 2023 NY Slip Op 6588 – NY: Appellate Div., 1st Dept. 2023:”However, it was an improvident exercise of the court’s discretion to
preclude the parties from bringing romantic partners to the marital
residences. While under Domestic Relations Law § 234, the court has some
discretion to make orders regarding possession of

 Posting this for my future use:***Please note that OCA staff are mandated
reporters. While the OCA says that complaints are confidential, the staff could
file a 51A if they receive information about possible neglect or abuse.***

 The Office of the
Child Advocate’s (OCA) Complaint Line is a resource for any person, in