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The author in this article discusses cases where members of credentialing organizations sue the organization for injunctive relief and monetary damages. He discusses the role of the arbitrator and causes that appear to prompt members to pursue redress through the court once sanctioned.


As I mentioned in my first article for QuickRead, my experience as

As we watch and reflect the hearings on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson to be a Justice of The United States Supreme Court, there is emerging evidence despite distractions that those hearings are uniquely focused on what role judges should play in our society and how they should be selected. That is a good

In my last Commentary which addressed, “The Necessary Independence and Interdependence of the Judiciary and the Media,” I explained the necessary interaction between an independent judiciary and a free media in insuring that judges be able to distinguish between fact and fiction in a courtroom, e.g., in today’s world between conspiracy theories and evidentiary-based findings

            My transition off The Bench was punctuated by my entry into several worlds which differed greatly from “The Bench,” but also from each other. This was not inadvertent. Rather, it resulted from several years’ worth of advance planning, calculated career diversification choices and like everything else in life and love – a little bit

The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the rapid nomination of a replacement with a different judicial philosophy should remind both those who voted in the last Presidential election and more pointedly those who didn’t that “Elections have consequences” and this is one of them. The visible hypocrisy that has provided the context for


STATE OF MARYLAND                           *

                  v                                                  *                      CASE No: CT 95-1837A

DEMETRIEUS BROWN                            *


            Before the Court is Defendant, Demetrieus Brown’s Motion for Reconsideration of Sentence in the above captioned case.

            On August 19, 1996, following a trial presided over


I appreciate this opportunity to discuss the role of the “Expert”
in the 21st Century profession of dispute resolution from the
perspective of what I now call myself, “a Recovering Judge.” I spent a total of
29 years from 1978 to 2007 on three different Trial courts. I was also assigned
to Maryland’s intermediate