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McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) recently published a report titled, “Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: Workforce Transition In A Time of Automation.” It suggests that by 2030, 15% of global labor could be displaced by intelligent automation. Instead of forecasting a dystopian future where human labor becomes increasingly irrelevant, the report finds that the productivity benefits of

Blockchain is not just a theory, it is a technology that real life lawyers and law firms are implementing into their practices. In this On The Road report from the GLBC Annual Meeting 2018, hosts Amy Braunz and Cori Goudchaux talk to Trent Carlyle, Kate Briscoe, James Cornell, and Brian Kuhn about how their companies

In 1978, Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes, and Bruce Woolley wrote a catchy earworm…ahem…jingle that focused on “promotion of technology while worrying about its effects” and “concerns about mixed attitudes towards 20th-century inventions and machines for the media arts.” (Wikipedia)

Doesn’t this sound remarkably contemporary?

The song’s video went on to become “the first