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Impacts on the litigation funding landscape for class actions

7 min read

In a significant and potentially controversial decision,1 the Full Federal Court has found it has the power to make a ‘Solicitors’ Common Fund Order’, with the effect that solicitors will be able to receive a share of a settlement or damages award

A focus on the main areas of risk

10 min read

Climate change has been described as a ‘defining challenge’ for humanity. Climate-related risks, which are already manifesting, include extreme weather events, rising sea levels, human displacement, heat-related illness, more widespread disease and decreased food production. There is also an increasing focus on other environmental sustainability

Understanding AI washing, job displacement risks, ESG reporting opportunities and more

10 min read

The widespread (and growing) deployment of generative AI across all sectors will have a deep and lasting impact on almost every aspect of our lives—from helping to predict supply and demand for renewable energy, and reshaping workplaces and workforces, to enhancing

ASX-listed entities need to be vigilant and adaptable in response to recent developments

7 min read

With increasing scrutiny on disclosures and a dynamic regulatory environment, the continuous disclosure obligations imposed on ASX-listed entities in Australia are evolving. Entities need to continue to be vigilant and adaptable to effectively navigate this changing landscape.
The potential

A framework for ‘green’ and ‘transition’ for the informed investor

14 min read

Australia’s first sustainable finance taxonomy (the Taxonomy) will be a critical tool in the global push towards sustainable development.
Released by the Australian Sustainable Finance Institute (ASFI), the Taxonomy has the potential to play a critical role as a framework to efficiently

A growing need for directors to exercise due care and diligence

14 min read

Nature-related risks and opportunities have fast become a hot topic of discussion in Australian boardrooms. Investors have warned that boards and executives need to be upskilled on nature-related risks to be ready for what is to come.
Earlier this year, the

Support for Queensland’s resources sector

8 min read

With the handing down of the Queensland budget on 11 June 2024, several key initiatives and funding measures were introduced to support the resources sector in Queensland. These largely focused on supplementing or extending pre-existing initiatives, demonstrating a continuous commitment by the state to modestly support energy