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A controversial proposed law is sending shockwaves through workplaces, and it surrounds the age-old battle of work-life balance. The law is CA Assembly Bill 2751. Commonly referred to as the ‘right to disconnect’ law, which will require employers to clearly establish working hours with employees to set boundaries regarding when an employer can legally contact

In 2024, creating a more equitable workplace is a top priority for many employers and employees. And the looming election could have a far-reaching impact as the corporate world continues to create and implement policies to do so. It is no secret that elections can be divisive and contentious, and the results of this can

In The Jungle, a seminal work of American literature, author Upton Sinclair depicted the unregulated working conditions for children in the Chicago stockyards in the early 1900s, before child labor laws were in place to protect them. Upon release, it catalyzed a movement to create this legislature and reform child employment regulations, among others.