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Wholesaling Is a Cross Country Strategy.

All across Canada, there is a lot of talk about Wholesaling! From St. John’s to Vancouver, creative real estate investors are successfully using the Wholesaling strategy.
Here’s why wholesaling matters to real estate investors:

  • easy to get started
  • little or no money down
  • simple documentation
  • complements other creative strategies

Podcast Episode 134: “Wholesale Home Run!”

For a change of pace, here is a positive Tale about a massive success in Canadian real estate investing. Longtime readers/listeners know that my Tales from the Trenches series is mostly about how buyers and sellers of real estate get themselves in trouble. It doesn’t matter whether folks are

Podcast Episode 133: “Foreclosure Timing Traps.”
When searching for the ideal piece of real estate to buy, properties in foreclosure can be an interesting place to look. Are you an investor looking for a new rental property? Or maybe you’re a buyer looking for a dream home—or at least a property you can turn into