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The short answer is: A guardianship does override some parental rights, but it does not completely end parental rights.

First, a word about what a guardianship is: A guardianship exists where a person other than a parent has custody of a child. Under Oklahoma law, a court may not grant a guardianship unless both parents

If you’re in a child custody case and you’ve been convicted of a felony, you may wonder if your conviction will affect your custody case.

In Oklahoma child custody law, there are three classes of felonies: 1) felonies that are an absolute bar to obtaining custody of a child, 2) felonies that make it a

About two-thirds of civil lawsuits settle out of court. (See a study showing that here.) So, if you’re in a civil lawsuit, you will likely have to ask the question: What is a reasonable settlement?

Many clients, when they consider a settlement offer, ask me if I think the offer is reasonable. I often

Many people ask: What types of wills are there? What are the different types of wills?

There is really only one type of will. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “will” is “A document by which a person directs his or her estate to be distributed upon death.” However, depending upon what a will does,

Suppose you have a large child support arrearage. You may be asking: Can back child support be dismissed? The answer, in some cases, is yes. In this post, I’ll describe how to get child support arrears dismissed.

See if the other parent will agree to dismissing the arrearage

If the other parent will agree to