The secret to a successful law firm is keeping a close eye on its performance. Law firms that consistently track their key performance metrics can determine where to scale for growth and identify other areas for improvement. Whether it’s daily, monthly, or quarterly, keeping a pulse on key business metrics can help law firms make

If you want to attract loyal clients to your law firm, you need to showcase the value and services your firm can offer beyond the matter at hand. This means that just because a client came to you for a labor and employment matter, you should highlight other areas you specialize in like, immigration services.

Task management for law firms is no easy feat. From managing attorneys, demanding clients, and the constant tracking of billable time; it’s easy for tasks to get lost in the shuffle. If you don’t have standard practice in place, it’s easy for partners and associates to create their own way of completing tasks, even if

Legal professionals are always up against the clock – there’s always more that can be done in a day, but not enough time to do it all. As a result, many lawyers just put in the time instead of finding more efficient methods, like digital time tracking. The most common challenges law firms face are

Customer service for law firms is key to generating and retaining a strong book of business. Many firms believe providing great service stops at winning a case, but for clients, it’s much more than that. Taking the time to evaluate your processes to ensure you ‘wow’ each of your clients will yield a greater return