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TEXAS:  What a Haul! We learn more than $4 million worth of methamphetamine was found hidden in a shipment of brined cucumbers at the Texas-Mexico border in April 2021, authorities said. The tractor-trailer driver was arrested for hauling the stash of speed – which included 114 packages weighing a total of 217 pounds.

SPAIN:  Dogged

PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read, “That’s a ‘plane’ stupid crime.” In early May 2021,we learned that a one Mr. Harry Griffith allegedly stole a Pittsburgh airport trash truck—and crashed into a terminal building. Mr. G, 35, of the town of Southern Pines, allegedly drove the truck through the glass doors of a moving walkway, hit  a

ILLINOIS:  Not over the moon, maybe? We learn that a man was arrested for mooning his neighbors, apparently in anger at being told to stop mowing yards that weren’t his. Bradley Hayes, 42, received disorderly-conduct charges for pulling down his pants when residents confronted him. The act caused “multiple neighbors to be alarmed and disturbed,”

CALIFORNIA: The headline read, “Breast laid plans?” We learn that six LA pranksters recently changed the landmark Hollywood sign to read “HollyBooB” for about an hour. The group, led by Julia Rose, 27, said they draped tarps with large “Bs” over the “W” and “D” mainly as a harmless prank.” Nevertheless, police charged them with