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Yesterday, the resumption of the regular calendar immediately after Leap Day, was to be anything but normal.

  • 8:30 – Coffee in Mukilteo with attorney mentor, colleague, & friend – Dubs Herschlip. See [HERE].
  • 10:30 – Land Surveyors’ Association of Washington (“LSAW”) Conference at the Tulalip Casino & Resort. See [HERE].
  • 11:00

“Form is Content.” Notice how Orca’s whale tale is an echo of the roof, or is it the other way around? At any rate the micro and macro imitate one another.This house was an absolute wreck several years and two construction companies had false starts before they built this one less than 5 years ago.

Long before Simon Sinek beseeched us to “start with why”, Napoleon Hill declared identifying one’s “Major Definite Purpose” as paramount in the development of sustained desire and all the benefits that flow therefrom.

According to Hill and his myriad immediate and derivative follower’s, success is largely defined by the clarity of one’s vision and faithful

No doubt, you have heard from someone on life’s journey say that the key to living a good life is to always ask: “What would Jesus do?”

For Christians, of which I am somewhere in the rank and file, I think this is a worthwhile question …. to ask oneself. But, that’s about as far

Yesterday’s post spoke about the absence of purpose v. the presence of purpose.

In it I indicated much of the hardship that I had been going through in the pursuit of my own purpose – to help bring people together in peace!

Why exactly that is my purpose, I don’t know. But, it is one