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The Connecticut Social Equity Council has come under fire for the alleged misappropriation of funds. Andréa Comer’s concerns reached the office of Connecticut Governor, Ned Lamont, when the chair of the SEC’s finance committee declared her resignation, due to what she perceived to be frivolous and potentially unethical spending by the organization. According to a statement on

Read more (paywall)    Looking at the Punjab & Haryana High Court  I’m guessing that the architect who designed the place might have been helping themselves to some of that weed! yes .. before i get any smart arse responses to my comment above. As I guessed before googling it is indeed a Le

Medical marijuana has been legal in DC since 2011. In recent years, the District has adopted piecemeal amendments to its medical cannabis program, largely through temporary emergency legislation and mayoral rulemaking. In recent years, DC has also attempted to legalize adult-use marijuana, but efforts have been blocked by Congress. The pending Medical Cannabis Amendment Act

As we say in the UK this is how to wind up a gammon.. Before we get to the story if you are north American you probably  need a little help on the following To Wind Up wind someone up phrasal verb with wind verb To annoy or upset someone:,,,,,,,,It really winds me up when he goes on about teachers having an easy life. CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY A Gammon

A 58-year-old from Simaxis was arrested for drug production and dealing. At home he had 12 kilos of marijuana, in the courtyard sixty cannabis plants, all the equipment for packaging the doses including several sieves used to prepare an infusion of marijuana. After the search of Simaxis’ house, the carabinieri of the Oristano company seized