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DOJ Announces AI-focused Initiatives
In a recent speech, Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced an artificial intelligence (“AI”) initiative that will see the government seek stricter sentences for crimes perpetuated by individuals using artificial intelligence tools. Recognizing the potential dangers and risks in our ever-changing world and how AI could shape its

Tipsters Could Receive Payment for Reporting Criminal Misconduct on Corporations
The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a pilot program to launch later this year that would see non-culpable whistleblowers receive monetary payments in exchange for information of corporate malfeasance. The program was revealed recently by Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco at a legal conference. While

Prosecutors Dismisses Charges Against Three Men Accused of Stealing Hand Written Notes Containing Hotel California Lyrics
Earlier this week, prosecutors abruptly dismissed a case, in the middle of trial, against three men accused of stealing the hand written notes of Eagles co-founder Don Henley that contained the original lyrics for popular songs such as “Hotel

Retired Veteran Accused of Leaking Sensitive Information to Ukrainian Woman
A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, David Franklin Slater, 63, was recently arrested and is accused of leaking highly sensitive information to a purportedly Ukrainian woman he had met online and conversed with via an unnamed dating site. Slater had a Top-Secret Security clearance while he

Federal Government Seeks to Extend Authorization of Warrantless Surveillance
The Biden Administration announced that it would seek will ask a court to renew the certification necessary to conduct surveillance authorized by a controversial surveillance program, set to expire in April, referred to colloquially as Section 702, a Justice Department (DOJ) official said. Section 702 of

Convicted Bank Robber Arrested for Valentine’s Day Robbery
Donald “Doc” Bennett, an 83-year-old convicted felon who served more than thirty years in prison for a string of robberies in the 1980s, was arrested by the F.B.I. in connection with a recent series of robberies in the Chicagoland area. Bennet was arrested, along with his alleged

Proposed Rule to Curb Money Laundering Through Real Estate
As we have previously discussed, the United States Treasury Department has recently implemented or proposed new rules to crack down on money laundering through corporate ownership interest and is now seeking to provide more information to law enforcement through the implementation of new rules related to