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Rapper B.G. Must Have New Lyrics Approved by Government Under Judge’s Ruling
A federal judge denied the request of the Department of Justice that would have prohibited rapper B.G., real name Christopher Dorsey, from “promoting and glorifying gun violence/murder and obstructive conduct in his songs and during his concerts” as a condition of his supervised

Decision Not to Hear Case Sets Up Future Decision
As we have previously covered, the Supreme Court seemed poised to review the constitutionality of the Illinois law which banned the sale and transfer of various assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. However, the Supreme Court declined to review existing challenges to the law, instead opting to

Almost 200 People Charged in Sweeping Nationwide Crackdown Announced by DOJ
Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in a press conference that the Justice Department had recently filed charges against nearly 200 individuals for their roles in various frauds relating to the healthcare industry, with the aggregated alleged false claims totaling $2.7 billion. Those charged included

Court Said In-House Administrative Proceedings Violate Jury Trial Rights
In another decision reached this week, the Supreme Court ruled against the Security and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) in a dispute over the ability of the federal agency to use in-house judicial proceedings to seek civil penalties against defendants accused of engaging in securities fraud. The case,

Many Federal Agencies See Drop in Number of Cases Prosecuted Since Pandemic
Chicago and many other metropolitan areas around the United States are expected to see a sharp decline in the number of federal prosecutions that are tied to various federal law enforcement agencies. For the current fiscal year, Chicago is expected to see a

Court Rules Defendants Have Right to Confront Forensic Lab Technicians
As we’ve previously covered, there are always potential issues when forensic evidence is introduced at trial. Last week, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that strengthened a defendants right to challenge expert testimony in court by limiting the admissibility of expert statements made

Court Upholds Restrictions on Gun Possession for Domestic Abusers
As we previously anticipated, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in a case which tested that the limits of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. At issue was the federal restriction that bans gun possession from individuals subject to a domestic violence restraining order and

Charges Brought Against Illinois Resident for Dissemination and Possession of Child Pornography by AG’s Office
Earlier this week, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office under Kwame Raoul announced several charges against a Brighton man, David Crane, in the Macoupin County Circuit Court after officers conducted a search of Crane’s residence that turned up evidence of child

US Supreme Court Rules Devices Used on Semi-Automatic Guns are Legal
In an update to our previous coverage over the United States Supreme Court’s handling of federal gun laws, the Court recently struck down a Trump-era federal ban on “bump stocks.” Bump stocks are accessories which convert semi-automatic weapons to ones capable of firing hundreds