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Announcement of the new rule has triggered multiple legal challenges that could delay its enforcement.

Going forward, employers are prohibited from entering into new non-competes, even for executives, and must notify workers bound by existing agreements that the non-compete provisions will not be enforced. The FTC is of the opinion that this rule will alleviate

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The expanded “economic realities” test increases the government’s presumption that a worker is an employee entitled to overtime and minimum wage protection.

The new rule expands, from three factors to six, the government’s “economic realities” test, which seeks to determine whether independent contractors are truly in business for themselves or are actually employees who should

A federal law that went into effect January 1 requires most legal entities to report specific information about the business and its owners.

This article provides a general overview and multiple updates from our October 2023 article. This version includes the following changes:

  • The Beneficial Ownership Information

    reporting portal

    is ready to use.

  • FinCEN has