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By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney & Business Strategist

I usually write about emerging areas of law, startups, entrepreneurship and different approaches to business strategy by incorporating business law. Today, I am choosing to write from the “heart.”

I just finished watching President Obama’s 2023 Emmy Nominated Documentary entitled, “Working: What We Do All Day.” I

By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney & Business Strategist

The Concept of AI Governance

AI governance refers to a comprehensive framework of policies, laws, and guidelines that regulate the development, deployment, and utilization of artificial intelligence technologies. Its primary objective is to promote responsible and ethical practices in AI. The key areas that AI governance focuses

By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney & Business Strategy

EBIA: Brazilian National Strategy for AI

The Brazilian Intelligence Strategy, also known as EBIA, aims to guide the Brazilian government’s actions in research, innovation, and the development of AI solutions. It promotes the conscious and ethical use of AI systems, which consist of sensors, operational logic, and

By Janelle Lewis, Attorney, Business Strategist

A few months ago, the state of AI in Australia could be described with these two quotes from:

“AI systems are rapidly becoming essential to creating value across all sectors, but existing governance systems are not managing the commercial, regulatory and reputational risks that AI systems pose. Directors and

By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney and Business Strategist

I.             Is it Important for Business Lawyers to Know About Regulations Against Forced Labor[i] in the Supply Chain?

Many business lawyers have client/companies whose relationship with the global supply chain can have a significant impact on their business strategy. This article will look at the recent supply chain