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 Lawyers ask some dumb questions on cross-examination. “Why?” being the dumbest of them all because it opens the door for the witness to say almost anything.The following quotations are taken from official court records across the nation, showing how funny and embarrassing it is that recorders operate at all times in courts of law,

 In the Trump “hush money” case, can the prosecutor cross-examine Trump about his prior  bad acts if Trump takes the stand in his own defense? The trial judge will decide this in what is called a Sandoval hearing.In New York, if a  defendant testifies, the defendant  may be cross-examined concerning prior criminal, vicious or

 The following is an excerpt from Powerful Presentation Handbook – a book that can serve as a guide whenever you are making a presentation whether it is given in or out of a courtroom.CRAFTING THE CONTENT OF A PRESENTATIONThere are three guiding principles for selecting and designing the content of your presentation: (1) a

Trial lawyers think differently from other human beings when they evaluate a person. First, they evaluate what the person has to offer in the case in the context of the rules of evidence. The trial lawyer ponders whether or not what the witness has to offer is admissible in evidence. If the witness hurts the

 Cross-Examination Lessons from Major Cases: Lesson 1–Catch the TruthDavid Boies (preeminent trial lawyer in such cases as the Microsoft antitrust case and the Gary Shandling case)  and Theodore Olson (former Solicitor General and opposing counsel to Boies in Bush vs. Gore) served as co-counsel in the California Proposition 8 case. Olson commented on how