If you watched the movie Legally Blonde, you would remember the scene where Elle Woods helped Paulette Bonafonté retrieve Rufus, Paulette’s pit bull, from her ex. In that scene, Elle explained to Paulette’s ex that, since he retained the trailer, Paulette was “entitled to full canine property ownership.” Yes, yes, you read it correctly—”canine property.”

Divorce is one of the biggest financial decisions of a lifetime. All assets and debts that accumulated during the marriage will be divided. Parenting time and expenses for children will be set. These decisions impact each party’s financial outcome and holds tax implications for both parties. Having a tax advisor guide you through the divorce

Marriages are one of the happiest events that can occur in one’s lifetime. Friends and family come together to celebrate the lifelong bond between two individuals that love each other. Understandably, the last thing on the soon-to-be-married couple’s minds is the division of property should their marriage end. While prenuptial agreements resolve the issue before