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Reading Time: 4 minutes
At the turn of the century, I worked at the American Bar Association. We had successfully evaded the Y2K turmoil, dot-com was ascendant, and legal technology was having a bit of a boom. There seemed to be lots of emerging companies (until the dot com bubble burst) and the market was

Reading Time: 13 minutes
One of the things that first drew me to WordPress back in 2012 was that it was a lot of small pieces. Once you installed the core content management system, you could extend and enhance it with a huge array of plugins. It is probably one of the reason that so

Reading Time: 12 minutes
I updated our governance board last month on our last awareness campaign. We have been placing marketing ads on public transit across the county. The idea was that we needed to bolster awareness post-lockdown. I struggle with the purpose of marketing, because I think it tends to be very woolly in

Reading Time: 8 minutes
One topic that my mind cycles back to on a regular basis is incremental income for law libraries. Each of our law libraries has different opportunities to create incremental revenue and I think we have already tapped out the obvious sources: photocopiers, document delivery, and so on. Any time a new

Reading Time: 8 minutes
I was talking with some folks recently and someone asked why our law library hired part-time staff. Was it for financial reasons? It isn’t and the financial rationale—a part-timer saves costs because you cut out benefits and other perqs full-timers get—is one reason I have avoided creating or keeping part-time roles

Reading Time: 8 minutes
It’s always a great joy to give someone a job reference. It doesn’t happen often but it’s always a pleasure to see someone moving forward in their career, whatever that looks like to them. I recently was in a position to give two references and they were the opposite ends of

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Email is like the Go space on a Monopoly board. We start there with communications and we travel around the board, sometimes landing in unexpected neighborhoods, sometimes getting detained, but always coming back around to email. We have devised so many other communications tools and yet email remains a foundation when