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Have you heard the expression “nondelegable duty”?  The issue of a nondelegable duty comes into play when a party hires an independent contractor and the independent contractor commits negligence, primarily in the personal injury context. In other words, a plaintiff wants to hold a defendant liable for the injuries caused by the defendant’s independent contractor.

Have you ever heard of the “continuing breach” doctrine?  Probably not.  It is not a doctrine commonly discussed. It’s a doctrine used to try to argue around the statute of limitations.
In an older Southern District Court of Florida case, Allapattah Services, Inc. v. Exxon Corp., 188 F.R.Ed. 667, 679 (S.D.Fla. 1999), the court explained:

Sometimes, when it comes to insurance, you may hear the argument that you breached your insurance policy by failing to provide your insurer with prompt notice as the insurance policy requires.  Well, this is not such an absolute issue.  With that said, you should absolutely provide your insurer with prompt notice of a claim or

Your construction contract is an important topic.  What’s even more important is YOUR process for reviewing and negotiating construction contracts.
Are you simply acting as a riverboat gambler willing to assume undue risk because you don’t value the investment in understanding what you are signing?  If so, it becomes hard to complain about what you