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Yes, with some reluctance.

3M, the well-known manufacturer of n95 masks, has filed a number of lawsuits throughout the country asserting trademark claims against defendants who are offering to sell to the government and others “3M” masks at extremely elevated prices.  3M asserts claims for trademark infringement, false advertising, dilution, among others.  Part of the


Pierce Manufacturing secured a preliminary injunction prohibiting E-One from selling its Metro 100 single rear axle quint.  That preliminary injunction prohibits E-One from selling the Metro 100 during the pendency of the patent infringement litigation Pierce Manufacturing is pursuing against E-One. 

Pierce Manufacturing accuses E-One of infringing 2 of its quint configuration patents: U.S.

Patent, Trademark, and Copyright deadlines extended due to the COVID19 crisis.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office today extended certain deadlines in connection with patent and trademark related matters due to the COVID19 crisis.  Similarly, the United States Copyright Office has announced modifications to deadlines in light of the crisis.

Patent Deadlines Extended


Not necessarily.

Advanced Screenworks, LLC sued Gold Star Ventures and its owner for alleged infringement of U.S. Patent 8,146,647 for “Screen Clipping System and Clips Therefor.”   Advanced alleges that Gold Star infringes the ‘647 Patent by:

making, using, offering to sell, and selling products, methods, and apparatuses for the screening of windows, doors, pool cages,


RooR International Bv and Sream, Inc (collectively “RooR”) have filed dozens (more? – a recent search suggests over 100 such cases) of suits throughout Florida asserting trademark rights for purported counterfeit sales of its water pipes. 

Recently, RooR asserted such claims against Nipa Enterprise, Inc. and and Ashmaul Hosna for such alleged counterfeit sales


Erbaviva, LLC, a California LLC, sent a demand letter to Era Organics, a Florida company.  The letter identified a number of Erbaviva federal trademark registrations, and “request[ed]” Era Organics:

  • Request the USPTO expressly abandon certain Era Organics trademark registrations;
  • Permanently refrain from using ERA ORGANICS, or any similar mark, in connection with certain goods;
  • No.

    Micro Processing Technology, Inc. sent a letter to Plasma-Therm alleging that Plasma-Therm was infringing MPT’s patent.  Plasma-Therm filed a declaratory judgment action seeking a declaration that it did not infringe.  Six months into the litigation, MPT served preliminary infringement contentions, which were based “[u]pon the information currently available to MPT and its belief.”  MPT