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Part of creating a successful attorney marketing NY strategy is incorporating new ways of connecting with potential clients and fellow lawyers. Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to provide audiences with means of consuming complex information and are also an excellent channel for generating brand awareness and establishing your firm as an authority. The HCS

Any business, regardless of industry, needs an effective marketing plan. A law firm especially needs this plan to sustain their business into the future. As a busy law practice, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of your lawyer marketing plan. Law firms are still businesses, and they require a steady flow of new clients to

If you’re running a personal injury law firm that doesn’t bring in enough clients to compete, you are likely looking for new and innovative ways to up your marketing game. However, the legal industry is a crowded market, and there are several different marketing tactics that you could be using. How is your firm supposed

An eye-catching website can generate many leads, but there is no one-size-fits-all template to create the perfect website. Many law firm websites are created by those with no marketing expertise, causing many firms to make critical mistakes with their sites. The HCS Agency specializes in law firm web design, and we will create a slick,

Receiving a negative review from a disgruntled client is not an uncommon occurrence, but bad reviews can tarnish your firm’s reputation and dissuade prospective clients from hiring your legal services. While you can’t prevent a client from leaving a negative review, your firm’s response can turn the negative into a positive. Your response can potentially

For years, social media has been a popular and vital marketing channel for consumer brands. If your firm is not on social media yet, this could be a huge missed opportunity. An effective social media strategy can help you build valuable connections with current and potential clients. The HCS Agency is a digital marketing agency

When it comes to capturing qualified leads and spreading awareness, law firms have several digital marketing opportunities at their disposal. Working with a dedicated lawyer marketing agency can be an effective way for your firm to enhance brand visibility, engage with prospective clients, and cultivate a strong online presence to showcase your services. The HCS