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Human Brian is still evolving. I plan to use this blog as a journal of my personal and professional growth. I will also discuss design trends, UX/UI, and projects that I’m currently working on.

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May 2019

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Lou, our AI-powered publishing assistant, has become an integral part of my design process. This isn’t about embracing the newest technology or following trends, but about how Lou truly simplifies my daily tasks and makes them more enjoyable for me and, in the end, a more caring designer for our users.

Self-use is a crucial

IBM’s Design Thinking methodology employs a continuous “Loop” to direct its product teams: Observation, Reflection, and Making. In addition, they adhere to a philosophy that everything is a prototype, where one must constantly listen, learn, and course-correct.

These are the same principles LexBlog Design uses as a guiding light in this wild new world of

Web accessibility is defined as creating websites and web-based tools that can be accessed and function properly for all people regardless of their hardware, software, language, or ability. And while most would agree with this statement, the reality is a good chunk of the web has not been created with this goal in mind.


During our Monday meeting this week, Kevin O’Keefe asked, “what do we like?” This question was asked in part from a SLACK discussion the previous week; a few of us were giving our take on a publishing platform’s new features. The tone was more critical or cynical. His challenge to us was to focus on

I recall a time in my late teens-to-early twenties when my sister confronted me about my conduct and somewhat wild behavior. At the time, I was extremely annoyed at this intrusion. Looking back, I’m glad she said something. She held me accountable and let me know I was not going through life unnoticed. She loved me,

In 2004 I was at a significant crossroads in my career. The company where I had spent the past eight years was slowly dying due to economic changes and the dot com bubble bursting in 2000. During this eight-year tenure, I was able to develop my skills as a designer, learning to write clean semantic

LexBlog design strives to provide leadership and guidance on best practices that ensure our products are of the highest quality. Over the years, we have been asked to use or create custom graphics as the title for a blog. While this approach was widely accepted as the norm many years ago, it no longer works

My father-in-law is a great classical trumpet player. He served as Principal Trumpet for the Cincinnati Symphony for 31 years. It would be impossible to count the hours he spent in practice warming up, running through the scales, and playing études in preparation for an upcoming performance. He was focused and remarkably consistent in his