Companies of all kinds and sizes face a barrage of phishing, spoofing, domain squatting, typo squatting, and numerous other social engineering scams from fraudsters attempting to induce funds transfers to fraudsters, or use compromised access to initiate unauthorized funds transfers.

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Attorney John Lande of Dickinson Law has been selected as the new co-leader of the Law Firm Alliance Cybersecurity Community. Lande, along with Jessica Copeland of Bond, Schoeneck & King in New York, both bring significant experience in their roles. Copeland serves as the lead of Bond’s Cybersecurity practice group, and Lande is chair of Dickinson’s

Dickinson Law’s John Lande, chair of the firm’s Cybersecurity, Data Breach, & Privacy practice group, is featured in a new podcast episode by Cybercrime Magazine.

The magazine and podcast are part of Cybersecurity Ventures, the world’s leading research firm and authority on the global cyber economy, and a trusted source on cybersecurity issues.


A daily stream of headlines highlights cybersecurity incidents affecting both large and small organizations.

In the face of this coverage, most organizations have learned the importance of cybersecurity, and taken basic steps to secure their information technology. However, many still fail to recognize the substantial risk cyber-fraudsters pose to their organization’s funds in the bank.

Cyber insurance is a critical part of a layered cybersecurity defense.

However, as this blog recently covered, cyber insurance carriers are suffering increasing losses from claims on cyber insurance policies. Consequently, cyber insurance companies have started to draft strict coverage clauses to reduce the number of claims, and lowered the amount of coverage available