The European Court of Justice affirmed an earlier decision of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in a case where Puma was attempting to gain a European Union (EU) Community Design on its “Puma Creeper Shoe.” On March 6, 2024, the EU Court struck down the validity of Puma’s registered EU design, based on a

In a recent article on titled “TikTok Forced Sale Bid Embroils ByteDance’s Vast Patent Trove,” the spotlight is on ByteDance’s formidable patent portfolio, which poses a significant challenge to any mandated sale of TikTok. With over 900 US patents covering pivotal technologies, the divestment process entails navigating legal intricacies and financial considerations,

Similar to other jurisdictions, a patent in Canada is granted for one invention only. Accordingly, in instances where multiple inventions are claimed in a single application, it may be necessary to parse out the inventions and protect them by filing divisional applications. However, care must be taken to avoid potential double patenting issues.
The Supreme

Guidance on using AI to Invent
Due to the quick rise of artificial intelligence (AI), most (if not all) of the laws relating to the US patent system were not written with AI in mind. Court precedent and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) guidelines have taken the place of written law to

In our prior posts, we discussed the two issues that should be at the forefront of any branding strategy:

  • Avoiding potential trademark infringement claims, and
  • Protecting the business’ brand through trademarks

In this post, we briefly discuss how cannabis businesses can implement employment agreements to further protect their intellectual property.
Terminating an employment relationship carries

In our previous post, we discussed how a cannabis business can take steps to avoid potential trademark infringement claims. In this release, we will discuss how a cannabis business can use trademarks for brand protection – despite the fact that federal law prohibits filing a cannabis-related trademark.
Acquiring State Trademarks
The most obvious (and widespread)

Over a decade has passed since recreational cannabis began to see legalization at the state level. Yet cannabis businesses continue to grapple with protecting their brands, as trademark protection at the federal level remains unavailable. The current hodgepodge of state trademark regimes will undoubtedly result in litigation and a race to register federal marks once

Picasso said: “good artists borrow, great artists steal.”  Or maybe he took the phrase from someone else.  In any case, the US Supreme Court has again confounded the legal world by upending expectations, if not years of precedent – though this time in the intellectual property arena.  Warhol v. Goldsmith[1] also has the potential