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Discussing *why* you’d approach a legal issue a certain way can help you more quickly build rapport and trust with your target audiences than discussing *how* you’d approach it.

Most attorneys’ and law firms’ thought leadership discusses tactical approaches to particular legal or business issues.

For example, whenever an attorney or law firm publishes content

Converting webinars into thought leadership articles people will read requires more than simply polishing and publishing a webinar’s transcript.

Today, webinars are still important marketing and business development tools for attorneys and law firms, even though there might be fewer webinars today than there were during arguably the peak of webinars: the COVID-19 pandemic in

Connect with your clients (and referral sources) by using their industries’ jargon in your thought leadership marketing.

When it comes to attorneys’ content marketing and thought leadership marketing efforts, their clients’ industry jargon is their love language.

Conventional wisdom says that when attorneys create content — whether that’s blog posts and bylined articles, videos, or

When you cover thought leadership topics from strategic angles, your thought leadership will more persuasively demonstrate that you have solutions to your current and prospective clients’ legal and business problems.

Effective thought leadership comes from focusing on the right angles, not just covering the right topics.

The point of thought leadership for attorneys is, of

Co-authoring thought leadership is a strategic way to strengthen your relationships with those people you think could help you build your practice and book of business.

I am constantly pushing the attorneys I ghostwrite for to co-author thought leadership articles with strategic co-authors instead going it alone.

When they bring in another person or two

At industry conferences, look past the main stage for sources of thought leadership inspiration.

When attorneys attend industry conferences, it is not unusual for them to draw inspiration for future thought leadership pieces from the panel discussions and presentations they attend.

But beyond those “main stage” discussions and presentations, there are four additional sources of