Only the most experienced skiers traverse trails marked by signs bearing two diamonds. These routes are reserved for the ‘best of the best.’ Double black diamond trails have fewer skiers and therefore provide opportunities to glide over great terrain, nearly free from obstacles (in this scenario: ‘better suited for the bunny slopes’ beginners). But even

Lots of people think that if you can just tap into the magical fountain of motivation – either for themselves or their employees – life would be a lot simpler. That may be true, but perhaps we give motivation a little too much credit.
After all, motivation isn’t exactly sustainable. In the short term, it’s

It’s a longstanding tradition in the legal business: Clients complain about law firms on subjects such as price, deficient client service, slow response times, and unacceptable outcomes. Meanwhile, lawyers grouse about clients’ fee-squeezing, unreasonable service expectations, extreme deadlines, and undue pressure to achieve the right results.
Given how law firm business development has transpired over

Over recent months, I’ve shared components of my strategic pricing toolkit, including the strategic pricing checklist, the pricing calendar, and the performance FICO score. This toolkit is vital in your strategic pricing framework, offering a structured approach to enhance pricing execution. It enables your firm to fully harness the power of strategic pricing by establishing

As I sat down to begin the workshop, my client provided me with some insights about their team. I listened attentively as they shared anecdotes about the ambitious young talents poised to become the firm’s future rainmakers, alongside those who were seeking guidance to enhance their skills. “Oh,” my client mentioned casually, “and our top

When Business Development (BD) professionals and the lawyers they work with use the word “closing,” they primarily mean acquiring a new client or a new piece of business. But there’s another type of closing worth attention: closing the open loops at all points of the sales process.
Open loops are tasks that are not completed.

Strategic pricing within law firms is more than just setting rates; it is a year-round endeavor that aligns with the firm’s pursuits, understands industry market cycles, factors practice innovation, and, most critically, delivers on client needs. The Strategic Pricing Phase Calendar is a component of the strategic pricing toolkit I’ve been detailing in my recent