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Where some countries have, and successfully at that, positioned themselves as aviation finance hubs by setting a lower corporate tax rate, others, like France, take advantage of their higher taxation environment to offer a very competitive and advantageous financing product, the tax lease. Tax leases in France are used on a variety of assets, including

The successful issuance last year by Ashland Place Finance of ASHLAND 2023-1, the aviation loan asset backed securitization (ABS), together with the engine ABS, WEST VII, issued by Willis gave glimmers of hope to aircraft lease ABS market participants. This year’s BJETS 2024-1 by Global Jet Capital marks a further significant development for the aviation

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has finalized its rule requiring U.S. and foreign air carriers to refund costs associated with tickets and ancillary service fees under certain circumstances related to airline delays and cancellations. This rule stems from and responds to President Biden’s Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy, issued on

Aviation infrastructure opportunities are rising due to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market growth. In September 2023, the FAA conditionally approved the first US public-use vertiport. Dubai’s leaders endorsed a vertiport design in February, aiming for a city-wide vertiport network by 2026. Yet, AAM infrastructure lags behind aircraft manufacturing due to development constraints, offering room for