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Although the calendar celebration for Pride Month may only last four weeks, there is no expiration date for celebrating and honoring all of the brave trailblazers who have fought tirelessly to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for all Americans. 

Lawyers, in particular, have played a critical role in solidifying and protecting rights, like in

For the Innocent Podcast: Season 2

Wrongfully convicted, Zavion Johnson and others tell their exoneration stories in Season Two of Legal Talk Network’s For the Innocent Podcast. Real men and women spend decades in prison every year for crimes they didn’t commit. The 12-episode series will premiere on Legal Talk Network on April 11

Law firms have been working toward client-focused approaches in running their businesses for many years, and we’ve seen time and again that keeping the client experience top of mind makes law firms more profitable. It can be broken down like this: Keeping your client in mind as you create workflows, refine communication, and handle your

In an age dominated by digital content, law firms are breaking free from traditional marketing methods and increasingly turning to alternative avenues to connect with their audience – and two standout mediums taking the forefront are: podcast and video. These platforms offer a unique and effective way for law firms to humanize their brand, disseminate

As the New Year approaches, legal professionals find themselves at the crossroads of reflection and anticipation. Planning for the upcoming year is not only a strategic necessity, but also a crucial step toward ensuring success in an ever-evolving legal landscape. In this blog post, we will explore key considerations and actions that law firms and

Law Professor Wendy Parmet explains how the COVID pandemic exposed weaknesses in our public health system and the lack of trust in science and government.

MONTEREY, CA — SideBar podcast on The Legal Talk Network welcomes Northeastern University Law Professor Wendy Parmet, the Faculty Director of the University’s Center for Health Policy and Law and

Technology is no longer optional in the practice of law, but figuring out what solutions your firm needs can be a daunting task. Here are six podcast episodes that can help you leverage support and guidance on your tech journey, understand the latest tools, and propel your practice forward.

Find Someone to Help You Find

Developing a podcast is not as simple as the first idea that comes to mind. There are many steps to get a podcast that is valuable and engaging for the audience, and fulfills the goals you as the show owner have for it.

This is a general process we go through with new show production