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Contrary to popular belief, divorce is not always an ugly, highly confrontational affair. According to a Forbes report in 2022, approximately 90 percent of the half million divorces in the United States yearly are uncontested. Of these uncontested cases, some were settled because both parties agreed on everything, or in other cases, one party simply

Many civics-minded people dream of meeting and interacting with a former Speaker of the House of Representatives. And despite my profound respect for having risen to the top of her profession, if I am honest, I had not idolized Honorable Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi before meeting her a few weeks ago. But I do now.

Below is a roundup of our attorneys’ recent awards, recognitions, media, and other accomplishments from around the country. The Unhappiest (or Happiest, for Some) Month of the Year – January is National Divorce Month (Or Is It?)January 25, 2024 – … Continue reading →
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