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How to Report Elder Financial Abuse
Is Elder Abuse Taking Place Around You?
Elder financial abuse can blindside you especially when the perpetrator is someone who is considered family. Adult children or spouses can be guilty of convincing an elderly person to transfer funds from accounts, make an excessive amount of withdrawals or transactions,

Did you know that nearly everyone has an estate? An estate includes anything you own such as real estate properties, cars, homes, personal possessions like jewelry or furniture, your checking and savings accounts, life insurance, or other investments. By estate planning, you are creating a plan in advance that dictates who will receive your possessions

What is a Life Estate Deed and How Does It Help Avoid Probate When Passing Down Real Estate?
After a relative passes, families take on the responsibility of tying up loose ends for their deceased family member. It’s important to consider a life estate deed for simplicity benefits and avoid the confusing probate process. If

Certified Elder Law Attorney Anne Moses Reminds Us All About Tax-Savings and Charitable Deductions Written into the CARES Act
The Coronavirus has hit almost every American household in one way or another. However, for many businesses and families, some help has arrived. There is new legislation designed to assist with financial progress and rebuilding

While every state can enact elder care law that bolsters existing federal regulations, the federal nursing home law statutes must be followed in every state. If you live in Alabama and believe a nursing home has mistreated your elder loved one by violating these rules of conduct, this overview explores some of the statutes in

COVID-19 is particularly concerning for the elderly if they are living in long-term care facilities. These places present an increased level of danger for this population because health care workers are taking care of several people as they move from one room to the other. The fact that these people remain in one place

Access to affordable medical care is especially important during a global health crisis. You should be aware that federal law prevents states that have accepted increased Medicaid funding from terminating Medicaid benefits while the coronavirus health emergency continues.
The Secretary of Health and Human Services has declared a nationwide public health emergency for COVID-19. In

Chronic understaffing. Low-wage caregivers. Difficulty containing infections. These are problems that nursing homes faced in the best of times but that have proved especially deadly as the coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire though long-term care facilities. In response, many states have moved to shield nursing homes — and in some states assisted living facilities