If you want to know what real SEO experts look like, no look further than the ones listed below. While they personally may not offer their help, their respective agencies with law firm SEO services could and can help increase your search engine rankings and conversions.

1. Kristaps Brencans

Kristaps is the CEO of On

Legal web design agencies are a dime a dozen, but only a handful can help grow your business just by your site’s appearance alone. In this post, I’ve narrowed the selection to companies that have not only created stunning websites for attorneys and law firms but have also helped them generate more clients along the

Lawyers can greatly benefit from coaching to achieve their goals and implement their strategies consistently with someone who can hold them accountable.

With professional development coaches, lawyers are able to focus on their tasks, improve productivity, and maintain their motivation throughout their legal career.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of hiring a coach

What is in a Law Firm Business Plan?

A law firm business plan is an essential piece of document that outlines the goals and growth strategies of your venture. Ideally, it contains several components, such as an executive summary, company description, marketing strategy, financial plan, and organizational structure. 

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Business

Traditional ads, like print advertising, radio ads, and TV ads, remain effective for law firms to reach their target market. You can also include billboard advertising in the mix, as it can provide many lawyers with repeated exposure and increased brand recognition, which could result in new clients.

But is billboard advertising something your law