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A kick back is basically a bribe. A Referring Business sends a customer to a Serving Business. The patient pays the Serving Business which sends part of the payment back to the Referring Business. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Nice and cozy.

In the healthcare context, the customer is a “patient” who is

Until recently there were only two ways to make money with crypto. The first is buy and hodl bitcoin or ethereum. But mostly bitcoin. The other was to fraudulently boost the price of a token with with some sort of fraudulent activity like a pump and dump scheme, wash trading, or both.

But where there

Lawyers and doctors are both in the professional service industry. Setting lawyer pay is pretty easy, particularly at the partner level. Just estimate the amount of business (i.e., revenue) they’ll bring in and determine how to split it up. There’s two basic models: eat what you kill or a profit sharing model. The splits might