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Lunch and Learn Presentation Hosted by Craig Petronella. Video Available at – Imagine a world where your family’s online interactions are as secure as fort Knox, yet as open as a summer’s day in the park. That’s the reality we’re aiming for in this gripping discussion on digital safety. In this episode, we illuminate

Unlock the mysteries of cybersecurity and learn to navigate the complexities of compliance with expert insights from Bala Ramaya, CEO of ISSquared. This episode takes you on a journey through the evolving world of managed service providers, shedding light on how IA Squared transformed itself into a cybersecurity force. Bala not only shares the company’s

Unlock the secrets to ironclad API security with Jeremy Snyder of Firetail as we navigate the often treacherous terrain of digital safety. Peering into the murky depths of API exploitation, Jeremy brings clarity to how Firetail’s cutting-edge tools not only bolster developers’ efforts in constructing impenetrable APIs but also stand guard, thwarting real-time threats. Our

Prepare to navigate the turbulent skies of cybersecurity with Sige Brody, CTO of Optinine, as we unpack the pressing dangers and defenses within the aviation sector. Discover how Optinine’s managed cloud computing services are revolutionizing the way airlines protect their most valuable assets, with a focus on robust disaster recovery and business continuity. Our journey

Imagine discovering that the very foundations of your financial security have been compromised by one of the most infamous crypto-heists in history. That’s the chilling tale we unravel from the 2016 Bitfinex breach, with a staggering $4.5 billion at stake. We join forces with cybersecurity experts and dive into the cutting-edge blockchain forensics that led

What if you could protect your cryptocurrency from hackers with just a few simple security measures? That’s what we’re diving into today in our exploration of the fascinating yet terrifying world of SIM Swaps and cryptocurrency security. We’ll shed light on a real-life cautionary tale of a victim who lost his cryptocurrency to these cunning

Do you think you’re up-to-date with cybersecurity and compliance? This episode will uncover some surprising facts that you may not be aware of. Firstly, we’ll be unravelling the complex challenges that healthcare organizations face, especially when dealing with outdated medical equipment. We’ll look at a real-life case where a hospital was hacked, and we’ll discuss

Are you prepared for the digital dangers lurking in your computer, or the profound impacts of artificial intelligence on our lives? This episode arms you with knowledge of the latest cybersecurity threats, from North Korean state-linked nation group hacking Mac computers, to phishing scams and vulnerabilities in class action lawsuits. We also delve into the