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Embarking on a legal career after the intense challenge of law school brings with it high expectations. You find yourself working extensive hours and tackling assignments from multiple attorneys. There’s an unwritten rule that you must be both flawless and swift with your work. It’s a rite of passage for many first-year associates, a phase

Invoicing is a critical component of your billing processes. From accurately capturing billable hours across multiple cases to following LEDES standards and IOLTA regulations, each step requires serious attention to detail. However, many law firms are still relying on manual methods and outdated legal billing software for their invoicing needs.It’s time for a change. It’s

On average, prices for legal billing software solutions range from approximately $50 to over $100 a month per user. This variability in pricing mirrors the diversity of features, scalability, and support options available, catering to the specialized requirements of legal practices. 

In 2021, the global market for legal technology demonstrated remarkable growth, reaching revenue figures

Legal podcasts offer excellent content for legal professionals to stay current on trends when it’s most convenient for them. The top legal podcasts offer everything from current challenges in the legal industry, and emerging trends to marketing best practices — all in an easy-to-digest format on a morning commute or while working.

Podcasts also offer

Most law firms provide services with the expectation of being paid once those services are completed. This compensation model is common, but it can lead to issues with unpaid invoices and other related legal debt collection issues.

Accounts receivable represents outstanding revenue for legal services that have been invoiced but not yet paid. Law firms