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Illustrative Summary ChartThe headline for the May 10, 2024 newspaper article about Trump’s “hush money” trial read “Prosecutors introduce key text and call records into evidence” Then, the article went on to state:After Westerhout (a prosecution witness) left the stand, prosecutors spent the rest of the day calling a series of custodial witnesses to introduce

Here are students in my Seattle  University Law School’s Pretrial Advocacy course arguing a mock motion during the last class of the course. While King County Superior Court Judge Melinda Young presided over some of the arguments – for instance the one shown here, Judge Patrick Oishi presided over others during this Saturday’s event. This

Beginning this Spring Seattle University Law School will offer my Comprehensive Pretrial Advocacy Flex JD course. It is a 4-credit course. Flex JD courses are designed for students who are working. They are hybrids—for example, my Pretrial Advocacy course involves one synchronous online Zoom session per week running from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and two