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Word-of-mouth is still king when it comes to building a professional services practice but the pathway for new business is tortuous. Scarcity of time plus an abundance of choice means decision-makers take shortcuts to reduce their search effort. Anthropologists call it ‘information foraging’ (Pirolli & Card, 1999) and it affects how you profile your practice and how business

For many lawyers and business advisors in Australia and New Zealand, this is the time of year when FY24 results are pretty much known, assumptions for FY25’s budget conditions are scrutinised, and business development plans are revisited.The good news is that writing your business plan doesn’t have to be a long and laborious effort. Better

In the past two months members and friends of ICON, the association for business-to-business marketing professionals in Australia and Asia, have gathered to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. ICON was previously known as APSMA (Australasian Professional Services Marketing Association) and I was one of many who volunteered as a Board member. The anniversary got me thinking

This podcast was prepared by Lawyers Weekly and published on 20 November 2023.While progress has been made in recent years to ensure that business development is easier for male and female professionals alike, Sue-Ella Prodonovich muses, there remain environmental hurdles that make BD more difficult for some.In this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show,

If you’re not winning work out of LinkedIn, you’re doing something wrong…Sceptical professionals often ask me whether LinkedIn can really make a difference to their bottom line. The answer I give them is an overwhelming ‘yes’. I’ve seen several lawyers, accountants, business consultants, and other professionals use LinkedIn to cement their status as thought leaders,