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Don’t you hate it when you go to a blog and no new posts have been written in  . . . forever? Me, too. Then I realized that was my blog. I have been absent for quite a while because I’ve been working on the next book in the 50 Lessons for Lawyer series –

As we all work to navigate the uncertainly around COVID-19, I wanted to share several articles and resources related to the tax implications for both employers and employees during the crisis.

Document Potential Business Interruption and Expense Due to COVID-19
An article from business consultants Conner Strong & Buckelew recommends that businesses consider five things

Business colleagues smiling to camera in an open plan office
There are any number of myths about Millennial lawyers. They’re lazy. They have a sense of entitlement. They’re disloyal. These are myths. Just like every generation before them, Millennials are different from the last. And they have a tremendous contribution to make to your law

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
– Cameron Crowe
Your ability to create powerful habits and use them to focus your attention on doing the right things will make a tremendous impact on your life. Throughout the day you’re faced with choices about how to spend your time. The choices

To be prepared is half the victory.
– Miguel de Cervantes
One of the most powerful things you can do to begin to take control of your time, your work, and ultimately your life, is to get into the habit of planning. The power of planning comes not from flawlessly executing your plans; that may