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An Indiana judge has answered the age-old question…is a taco a sandwich? The answer, at least under Indiana zoning law, is YES. A landowner in Fort Wayne, Indiana wanted to develop his property. He sought a rezoning from R1 (single family) to C2 (limited commercial). During the zoning hearings, to address certain remonstrators’ arguments,

Indiana House Enrolled Act 1003 changes the way we litigate administrative appeals. This will impact confined feeding challenges, permit modification appeals, and other regulatory decisions by our the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

Lady Justice considering an administrative appeal

First, HEA 1003 does away with the Office of Environmental Adjudication (OEA). For years, the

In the Midwest, we’ve historically had more than enough water for everyone. Agricultural, industrial, and residential uses have all developed more or less peacefully (at least in terms of access to water). This usually meant a laissez-faire approach to state and local water regulation. But 2024 may be the year that challenges the status quo.

The headlines about PFAS are everywhere from agricultural news websites to Good Morning America. But what should farmers and rural landowners be worried about when it comes to PFAS? From a real property standpoint, the biggest potential PFAS problem facing agriculture will likely be biosolids (assuming your farm is not impacted by a military base).

Before this spring, I had never been to Asia. In April, my Agricultural Leadership Program (ALP) Class 18 traveled to South Korea and Laos. The two countries cannot be more different. Laos is very much still developing, suffers even today from historic bombing campaigns, labors under a strict communist government, and is hot hot hot.

One area of law refuses to stay consistent from year to year—Waters of the United States, or WOTUS, for frequent fliers. The Supreme Court decided the Sackett case for a second time this past summer, limiting federal jurisdiction over wetlands. After the decision, the relevant federal agencies (Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers)

As part of the Indiana AgriInstitute Ag Leadership Program, I was happy to (finally) get the chance to take our class’s international trip at the end of April. We were originally set to go to Asia in February/March 2020…which for obvious reasons did not happen. But we eventually got our adventure, and what a journey